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We work with you, the homeowner, to pull together a complete fixture package for any room that has running water – the kitchen, the laundry/mud room, a garage/workroom, a powder room, an ensuite or any other bathroom area.

When you come to us, it is best if you can bring a basic sketch of the area with some measurements on it.  We will draw it to scale on our computer and then work with you for space planning, if required, and fixture choices.  If you have a scale drawing, that is even better, but not essential.  Many times this basic sketch will help to facilitate the product choices as it will indicate what limitations there are for sizing, for example, of the tub or shower.

If you require a replacement for an existing unit, for example a kitchen faucet, it is best to bring a picture of what is there now.  Even if this picture is on your phone, it will answer many questions that will have to be answered before we can guide you to the best replacement product.  There are even times when we can get a product repaired or replaced under warranty on your behalf.

When replacing a kitchen sink, it is best to measure the cabinet under the sink (left to right), and bring that in with you.  There is no such thing as a standard kitchen sink cabinet, and you want to get the best possible combination of sinks for the given space.

We accommodate our clients by meeting them in the evenings after normal work hours, so sometimes we need to take time off during other days, we also need to visit job sites and suppliers.    Please phone us to make an appointment to see us – not because we require appointments, but because we want to ensure that we are here when you are able to visit us.  And yes, we would be very happy to meet you on your way home from work or during the evenings, if that is best for you.

We work with you, the contractor or plumber, to have your client ready to go, with choices made, orders placed and product available when you need it.  Whether it is the rough in or trims, we will work with you to ensure that your jobsite will run as smoothly as possible.  We will give you a heads up when we run into a long ship time or a backorder situation.  We understand how a job site is run, and will do everything we can to ensure that there are no hold ups caused by product not being available when you need it.  We also troubleshoot for you.  When you get product that is faulty, missing parts or just isn’t the correct item, we will work for you to fix the problem quickly so that you jobsite isn’t affected too much by the setback.

We work with you, the architect or designer, to help you develop the look that you have determined works best with your project.  We have access to every line that is available in Canada, and to many unique lines from around the world.  If you have found the perfect plumbing fixture, we can help to source it.  If you are still looking for “the right” item, we will work with you to find it.  We will find the product to fit any budget, and still get the look that you require.  You are not working with a sales representative who only carries a few lines.  You are working with an independent showroom, which has access to any product, and the specifications.  We have knowledge of many lines from many different specialties; from hardware to towel warmers, from copper sinks to marble and bamboo lavatories.  We will help you to develop that unique look that is perfect for your project.

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